New year plans – 2019

Last year I made quite specific plans for my stash and makes. It didn’t really work for me to be honest. I still very much want to knit many of those projects and maybe will or won’t. But I don’t want to look back and beat myself up for not knitting those projects when I have made pretty things that I love anyways.

So here is my diet for 2019.

My diet for 2019

So instead I have a more high level plan for 2019. It all kind of started in November last year when I saw people doing yarn diets. I have done something similar for a month here and there when my stash grew at an alarming rate. Since November however I haven’t bought any more yarn and just a couple of patterns. I kind of want to continue actually using my stash instead of buying new yearn.

There is of course always temptation out there but personally I feel like I did quite well so far by avoiding any sale purchases whatsoever. In my mind I am looking forward to some of my special stash yarns and actually using them for their destined projects.

This may not be a very exciting new year resolution but one I am very happy with at least. I don’t think this means I will not buy any yearn this year but hopefully I will make more considerate purchases. For example for a couple of years now I have been thinking about daughter of the shepherd yarns and I can’t wait to make one fo the cute jumpers from the book and use the recommended yarn for it, which I would have to buy.

So what is my short term plan of attack? Well use my sock yarn has been a good one. I have a few zauber balls and have loved knitting one into socks.

Also I don’t want to be afraid to rip something back or get rid of it when it didn’t work. Such examples were my texture time shawl and probably is my starting point shawl as well. (I am yet to rip that one back where possible).

The texture time shawl actually ended in me using one of the sock yarns for a sock and it came out so nice whereas in the shawl it just looked awkward. The sock still needs its partner but look how lovely it looks pre blocking.

So considering what I make and why and also which materials I use for it will be big on my list for 2019.

Do you have any yarn-resolutions?