Crochet Memory Blanket – Lykke review

I have no idea if this is a thing or not, but I started to crochet a sort of memory blanket using leftover yarn and newly spun yarn.

At Edinburgh yarn festival I took a drop spindle class and I have been making a tiny bit of yarn here and there practising and trying to get better. I then really wanted to use the yarn in something but as it is just small bits here and there I wasn’t sure what to do. So I picked up my Lykke crochet set and started to crochet random bits together.

I guess this is sort of using a log cabin approach but using crochet rather than knitting. This gave me a great excuse to finally use my Lykke crochet set.

IMG_2887 2

The Lykke crochet set

The set comes with 10 crochet hooks in various sizes. The sizes are conveniently edged into the bottom of the hooks, where there is some metal wrapped around the driftwood.

Similarly to the interchangeable needle set, the wood is smooth and soft to the touch with no scratchy parts. The top of the hook is slightly pointed making it really easy to use, in my opinion. I have only ever crochet with metal sets and this pointy tip really made a difference to me. It was a lot less fiddly to get into different sized loops. My crochet skills are a bit rusty and I am using all sorts of weights of yarn so I really could feel the benefit of this top.

Otherwise they handle as you may imagine a stick might.  They are stick shaped after all. I have only used them for about 30 mins to an hour at a time and got a little bit of a mark on my fingers, like a pressure mark but I think due to the smoothness of the wood I had no blisters.

The bag they come in as a metal latch and a small zip pocket for bits and bobs as well as another pocket on the inside. So plenty of room to store notions in.

The other nifty thing, is that you can stand the hooks up. I am not sure why you need to but if you were to change crochet hook a lot this may be useful. Although thinking about it, the sizes are etched into the bottom so maybe what I am saying makes no sense and you would never stand them up? 🙂


All in all I am enjoying using these and the sharp tip at the tip is great and they grab the yarn well, but I am not sure if they are the most comfortable to use for longer sessions. A handle of sorts shaped a bit more ergonomically may have been nice.

The blanket

The blanket itself is going well. I had to re-remember how to crochet but otherwise I am just making it up as I go, holding some yarns double or triple and joining them in random ways with the aim of a blanket shape. 🙂

You can see some of the evolution below. I started with just handspun yarn and then found my leftover stash and started to experiment. It can be so freeing to just create from your mind without a set plan and I like that I can point at the sections and tell you which completed project the yarn came from.

P.S: I bought these hooks myself and was not endorsed in any way to do a review.

A sword or a knitting needle? Lykke knitting needle review

I want a sword not a knitting needle -Kalen.” — David Eddings

I have had my set of Lykke interchangeable needles for a year now and have knitted all sorts of things with them. From small circumferences on sleeves and hats, to full on bottom up jumpers and brioche scarfs.

The main thing I have not knitted with them is socks, however. This is due to the fact that the needle set starts at 3.5mm needles and I like to knit my socks on 2.25 to 2.5mm needles.

But fear not, I managed to buy some 2.25mm and 2.5mm needles while I was in Philadelphia in November. As soon as I have used them I will review them too.

Lykke 5″ interchangeable needle set


I got this 5″ interchangeable set as a present last Christmas and was over the moon. I am always nervous asking for something a bit pricey and then possibly not liking them as I had no chance of seeing the needles in person before getting them. Mine are in the grey denim look case and are stunning to look at. The case they come in is lovely and sturdy and the needles are smooth and kind of shimmer in the light.

From the Lykke website:

Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, LYKKE Crafts combine high quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful, durable, happy-making knitting needles.

A great detail I love and will judge all needles from now on by is that the needle size is etched into the black metal and painted in a contrasting colour. So far I have not noticed any wear and tear on these. On other needles I have used in the past the size was merely painted on and was rubbed off after a few uses.

The cables are lovely soft nylon cables and the set includes several sizes. It comes with 5 different cables; two 24″ cables, two 32″ cables and one 40″ cable. Also included are 4 keys, 2 cord connectors (for joining cables together) and 4 stoppers.

IMG_7915 2
My parents spoiled me, giving me “Woolens” and these needles for Christmas 2016.

So far I have knitted a cabled cowl and a couple of cabled and textured hats using these from beginning to end. I am now in the middle of using them for a worsted weight cardigan and DK weight brioche scarf as well.

They are very versatile and smooth and suit all different types of yarn. I have had no issues with 100% wool, 30% silk mixes or 100% merino. The tips are not the sharpest or dullest. They are kind of in the middle. I have not attempted any lace work but fear it may be a tad tricky with these needles. My friend who is an avid lace knitter much prefers metal needles for lace anyways. I am yet to try lace knitting so cannot comment more than that. Cables and basic increases and decreases seem to work well though. So not too blunt or overly sharp.

In terms of look and feel and style these are amazing. I am a huge fan. I do love knitting with wooden needles in general and these are a joy to use. However in the UK they are currently still hard to get. Especially if you need other bits and pieces that may be outside of the set, such as an extra pair of needles or a cable. I am not sure there is somewhere currently?

Price wise these are pricey if compared to a knitPro set but comparable to a Chiaogoo interchangeable set and come with a good variety of cable accessories.

So using them over an 11 months period, I have had no issues with the connectors and needles coming undone while knitting in the round. This has been a relief as even with using the turn keys I have had pother sets come undone in the past and then the yarn gets caught in the gap created.

The Lykke needles have been reliable and fun to use. I also haven’t seen much wear and tear even though I mostly use 4mm to 5mm needles on a regular basis. I actually gave away my knitPro wooden needle set to a friend who was learning to knit as I don’t need 2 sets of wooden needles and these will do perfectly til the end of time. 🙂