Friday Favourites: The colour Orange!

I was looking through my yarn stash for some inspiration this week and discovered that a new colour has crept into my stash on several different yarn bases and with different projects in mind. All of these were of some sort of orange!

I wondered where this new like for this colour has come from as my two new notebooks are also orange and googled what Pantone’s colour of the year was but according to them I am very 2012! 2018’s colour of the year is in fact Ultra Violet.

Where was this obsession coming from? I have no idea, according to Vogue I am also missing the point in this year’s trendy colours! haha!

Oh well. According to y buying habit I shall be making something orange in the very near future.

The yarns below are from variety of independent makers with different projects in mind.


The only one I am still certain about, is the solid orange in the middle which is Malabrigo sock yarn. This will become  pair of cabled socks at some point. The Zauberball at the end most likely as well. Maybe not cabled but I mean a pair of socks.

Qing fibre is a singles yarn so this is likely to become part of a shawl I think. I need to unwind the skein to have a look at the other colours properly.

Do you ever look through your stash and notice a new theme in your buying habit?

EDIT: I had prepped this post and then just this orange and beautiful pattern was released! Wool and Honey by Andrea Mowry!

Isn’t it fun!? I am raiding my stash at the moment to see if I can make it from the stash!

© Andrea Mowry

Friday Favourites: Reversible hats

I hadn’t ever even considered this concept of a reversible hat but how genius is it? I love the combinations that are popping up all over the place.

The first that caught my attention was Femte by Sari Nordlund. I love the idea of the two different textures. It is subtle but really effective.

© Sari Nordlund

For something involving colour work instead, how about this clever design Hiddenite by Kiyomi Burgin.

Hiddenite is a double layered, and fully reversible hat that can be worn with either side facing outwards. Knit as a sort of tube that is closed on both ends, your ears will essentially be covered by four layers (five layers if you count the colour work stranding) of fingering weight wool, which creates a super snug and cozy hat for the coldest of winter days.

Considering the horrible windy weather we have been having by the coast, this description sounds amazing.

© Kiyomi Burgin

Friday Favourite: Cables in a mustard yarn

Now this may sound a bit specific but my main colour inspiration in 2017 has been mustard with grey, mustard with black, hints of mustard throughout colour. Considering I do not like the condiment this is rather funny, don’t you think?

I have also found my love for cables, not just looking at them but biting the bullet and knitting them. And for me one of the knitted cable queens out there is Michele Wang. I have swooned over her jumper designs for a couple of years before biting the bullet and knitting some of the designs and love them.

For this Friday Favourite I am going to show you 2 of her designs in mustard yarn that I keep considering buying the suggested yarn for. The first one is this wrap. I have loved had this in my favourites since it was released I think.

The Holmes Wrap

I love the intricate cables in this design and the yarn sounds very luxurious. I have knitted with Yak before but not this brand so I would love to try it out some time soon. The yarn is mYak.

This yarn is spun in Italy from the soft undercoat of baby yaks, which is sourced directly from cooperatives of nomadic herders in Tibet.

mYak yarns are uniquely soft, warm, light weight, and strong.

The next item I want to share that I am dreaming of knitting is actually made using the exact same yarn and colourway. So I am not sure if I am just being a magpie towards mustard coloured Yak yarn. ha!

This is the Benedict Pullover. Is anyone else sensing a slight Sherlock theme here? Just me?

What I love about this design is how from the ribbing, there grow bigger cables, which spiral and twist into lines going up the jumper. I love those details, where if you follow the cables they flow through the whole design. I think I would make this with a tad less positive ease than is suggested.

Do you have a colour that you are attracted to and could just use over and over again?

Friday Favourite: Double Brioche

© Olga Buraya-Kefelian

This year I only just learned about the brioche stitch, let alone that there was such a thing as double brioche. But this hat makes me want to know more. I love how sculptural it is and how it could be done in one colour or contrasting colours.

This is Oru by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

I have no idea what double brioche even means or entails but I am very tempted to try this pattern.

Olga includes a note on her pattern page:

Double brioche is a unique stretchy stitch pattern that has been largely unexplored due to its complexity. ORU hat combines both brioche and tuck techniques to ease up the execution process. In making of this hat you will also learn special decreases that help shaping of the crown without interrupting the pattern flow inside or outside, rendering it completely reversible. Solid or bicolor versions are presented with options for shallow or deep crowns. This allows for various ways of styling of this doubly warm hat!

© Olga Buraya-Kefelian