Friday Favourite: knitting resources

At work in my day job I have a rule of, “if someone asks me about X and it is not documented then I will document it”.

So, the more I have been talking and posting about knitting the more I have been asked about sharing some resources and this is what I want to do here. I do want to add though that you do not need any of these things. I learned most from talking to friends and knitting with them over a coffee and chatting. Knit groups or even knit classes can be really valuable for that too.

And before I start, I just read Anna Maltz’ editorial in the most recent Pom Pom magazine and I was literally just talking at knit night about how we all knit differently and there is no right or wrong way really. There may be an advised way by the pattern you are following but in the end you make it how you you like whether you are a thrower or a picker. The act of creating and the side effect of community is what drives my knitting.

Beginning to knit.

Kate Templer has put together a great guide already. You can find it here with many links.


Techniques. Books.

Credit for these first two books goes to Suzanne.

  1. The Knowledgable Knitter. With lots of actual photos.
  2.  Knitter’s Handbook. This book can generally be found on eBay or amazon cheap if you look around a bit. It contains drawings rather than photos.
  3. Fresh Brioche. This book was instrumental in teaching me brioche knitting. It shows you every technique in English and continental style using many pictures. It then includes several patterns and stitch patterns to try.
  4. The Principles of Knitting. My close knitter friend recommended this and wow it is a bible of everything. I was not expecting such a hefty book. The hardback is sturdy and a great thing to dip in and out of.


Techniques. Blogs and websites.

  1. Purl soho website. Lots of posts and tutorials. I save these in my notes app for easy on the go access.
  2. Kelbourne woollens website. Again lots of easy tutorials.
  3. Ysolda’s blog – tutorials. Nice visuals on different increases and decreases as well as an interesting post on colour dominance.


Interesting posts.

This lists some of my favourite posts that are more specifically about a certain subject.

  1. Why you should swatch.
  2. Increases. Ever wonder what different increases look like? Ysolda shows you here.
  3. Creating a colour story for a yoke perhaps.
  4. Swatching in the round by Ysolda.
  5. Make your own sock blockers.


Stitch dictionaries.

  1. Alterknit – it contains great graphical patterns but also a pooping pig. 🙂
  2. Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable sourcebook. OMG cables so beautiful!
  3. 150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs. I used a lot of the stitch patterns in this make from this book.

There are many more stitch dictionaries that I would like to have a nosey in but these are the ones I have actually seen and own.

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