WIPs: December edition

December’s works in progress looks rather full. Not much room for Christmas knitting, not that I have ever been much of an unselfish knitter.

Pair of socks

We start December with an almost finished pair of ribbed socks being made in Countess Ablaze sock yarn. These are being finished as part of the YAK Extremeties KAL. This is actually going to be a present, mostly because I initially misread the pattern and didn’t adjust for my massive feet. But luckily I know someone with tiny feet who just moved to colder climate. Win for us both.

Christmas Jumper along – Galloway Cardigan

I am actually making the Galloway cardigan in Stone Wool Cormo (which is lovely) and some Brooklyn Tweed Shelter because I ran out of said Stone Wool Cormo yarn.



This is another KAL, but this time with a face to face class. We meet 2 more times in December before having a Christmas party, hopefully wearing finished jumpers/cardigans

Brioche Scarf – Willow

This is referring to the Willow scarf from Nancy Marchant and again was part of a KAL I never finished. There may be a bit of a pattern here…This is 2/3 done and is using DK weight yarn which is part silk from Countess Ablaze. I just need to remember how to knit brioche and this will be finished. My aim is to actually finish this by the end of the year making room for more new cast ons.


Timely Cardigan


Another never finished KAL item. I do love this though but the dropping temperatures have meant that I have put finishing other things first. I am hoping the holidays will give me the space and time to just finish this as well. Although the above mentioned brioche project takes priority.


Starting Point Shawl


The oldest project that is still in progress. I am in two minds about finishing this as it is less than 50% done but in a way I do really like the project and love loads of the finished versions of this. I think I will just need to make some space and time to finish it and not just start loads of new things as soon as December is over.


There you have it. December will be busy. Let’s see what I finish and start by the new year. 🙂 Are you itching to cast on new things or knitting Christmas gifts, or just finishing some selfish knitting?

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