Knitting: New obsession, Socks!

I never thought I’d be a sock knitter. It just did not interest me. Many of my knitter friends do make lovely socks but the idea of a small circumference and knitting something fiddly that may end up having holes, was not appealing.

However the idea did appeal as a lot of sock yarn is beautifully dyed but may not go with my general wardrobe, but like a magpie with shiny things I have given in and bought some anyways. The yarn that broke me in the end and made me give sock knitting another try was this lovely BFL and Bamboo blend from the Woolkitchen.


On my knitting book shelf I also found this book about knitting custom fitting socks. I found that the basic toe up pattern made sense to me and I had another go. Now I did not swatch and just went by gut feeling using a 2mm needle (sharp, ouch!). Yeah I know. This ended up in slightly large socks as I over compensated for the small needle size.


I have long but thin feet so these are a bit baggy. But you live and learn. They will be lovely over tight fitting socks in the winter. 🙂 Also after short time in the dryer they are bit tighter.

When knitting them up I was a bit cautious not to make them too long in case I ran out of yarn but next time I will make the leg longer. I am hoping to use the leftover grams (40!) for maybe a colour work sock.

The next pattern in the book is a basic ribbed sock. I love a good rib and this uses k3 p1. Having not been a sock knitter in the past, my large stash has hardly any suitable sock knitting yarn in it but I did find some countess ablaze yarn. She dyed some limited edition yarns as part of a book series last year (or was it the year before) and I could not say no to any grey to black yarn so had to have this. It is BFL and nylon and knits up beautifully. I used a slightly larger needle this time 2.25mm and love it. 2mm was too small.

I don’t own any 2.5mm but will get some to try.

So far the knitting is going well. The fit is much better but they may have come up a tad short which is weird as I knitted to the same length as before. If they won’t fit after blocking they will be a present. So far I am super excited about sock knitting.

Do you have favourite sock knitting yarn or pattern? Have you just made up your own pattern based on practice?


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