Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017

Last month I went to my first yarn festival. I had tickets to go to Unravel but due to personal circumstances I couldn’t go in the end.

When I saw that it is actually possible and affordable to fly to Edinburgh for the yarn festival I made an impulse purchase after realising my friend was going too.

I flew in first thing in the morning and joined a small queue of people who did not have tickets yet. Then the yarn fairy came to me and handed me an armband for the day and said “treat yourself to another skein of yarn instead of buying a ticket” and off I went. Thank you so much to whoever you were! 🙂 I certainly bought another skein of yarn with the money I had saved on a ticket. 😛

The venue is nicely laid out. I am a bit overwhelmed by crowds but Saturday was the better day to go because apparently Friday was way busier. You could actually get through and look at most stalls. There were a few hidden areas with seats as well which helped.

At one point I stopped and knitted a bit while waiting for my friend to arrive. There was also a cafe and hall area with tonnes of tables which were filled with knitters. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this and it was so wonderful to be part of.

There were so many samples to look at and squish! I really want to make the brooklyn tweed cardi and the tolt yarns jumper with the trees! Swoon!

My personal highlight was finding out about Uistwool!

Uist Wool runs a spinning Mill & Wool Centre on the island of Grimsay in North Uist, part of the Outer Hebrides an island archipelago off the north west coast of Scotland.”


Those yarns are amazing and beautiful! I bought 4 skeins of one of their greys and cannot wait to knit a cropped jumper with it. It will be heavenly!

My full purchases are shown in the pic below. I certainly have switched to buying all the greys. LOL. Let’s see how long that lasts. I am very certain I will be back in 2018. This is a must go to event.


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