The Skiff hat

This pattern by Brooklyn Tweed has been on my list for ages and beginning of 2017 I finally bought the pattern and gave it a go.

I have since made 2 versions. Initially I put the pattern off because it suggests a tubular cast on that I was petrified off. The instructions always read like nonsense to me, but following Brooklyn Tweed’s version of it made sense and came out rather nice, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Version 1: Skiff hat in Hedhegogfibres Merino DK

For my 30th I got a voucher for YAK and I bought a couple of skeins in this awesome yarn. I loved the colour way if you can call it that and it is so soft. I was worried that the speckles detract from the design of the hat but there are several versions on ravelry using speckled yarn that I really liked so I gave it a go.

The pattern actually calls for worsted weight yarn, but I had read that it knits up rather slouchy and my head circumference is rather small so I thought a DK is a good attempt to make it fit. I never swatch for hats as they so far have always been to big, so I tend to go down a needle size either way.

Knitting the pattern was a joy, if you like reading from charts. I do actually like charts or don’t mind them. It also felt like I levelled up as a knitter as I started to understand the cabled details and did not have to check what every symbols means each time I encountered it. Whoop!


As a finished object I like the hat a lot. It blocked really big though, even using a DK yarn, so I chucked it into the tumble dryer for a bit and that seemed to help. I am not suggesting everyone try this. I was just giving it a go. The yarn is very soft and drapey, probably adding to the slouchy ness. It is great though for my morning commute covering pony tail and headphones.


Version 2: The uncommon Skiff


This yarn is also from YAK. I think from my first visit to the shop ever. I previously knitted another brooklyn tweed pattern in the yarn and loved how the cables came out, so I thought I would try this in the Skiff hat too.

If you ever get a chance to knit with the Everyday Worsted Yarn by the Uncommon thread, give it a go. I personally love it! It has great stitch definition and elasticity. Even though this was worsted weight yarn the hat seems to be tighter. I think because it does not drape like the merino did.

Overall this pattern is a great one to challenge you but not too much that you get frustrated. If you wanted to make a cabled hat I highly recommend this one or why not start with my other cabled favourite (which is free), the Seathwaite? 🙂

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