Guernsey Wrap

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a little while, but I did not try it because it looked so complicated. It is of course the Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood. There are literally over 1000 versions of this on ravelry and I was so jealous of everyone being good enough to knit it.

Until I finally bit the bullet and bought the pattern and realised the most difficult thing is reading the charted pattern, but I loved charted patterns so win for me!

The main thing I found super confusing was that the wrong side of the chart was not charted so you would knit the opposite. So if it stated to knit a purl you had to knit a knit stitch so it is a purl on the right side. I am not sure if I am making much sense.

What I did to help this was simply colour in all knit stitches and this helped until I memorised the sections.

Now here is my version of the wrap.


What I did not realise is that the wrap is simply a combination of left and right stitches, or knits and purls. I tend to say left and right as that is what I grew up with in Germany.

And as the sections repeat it was actually great commute knitting, until it got so big I kept accidentally draping my knitting over other people. Oops.

I did mess this up a little bit by missing a complete section out but because I improvised the middle section I am only missing 50 odd rows.

So things I did differently to the pattern were:

  1. Yarn – I held Brooklyntweed shelter yarn double. I wanted something thick and squishy. In hindsight it may be too thick as it doesn’t drape as much as I’d like but I loved this experiment.
  2. I repeated the pattern A section twice, Then omitted the next 50 rows (by accident, but I actually would not have had enough yarn, so it was kinda a good thing).
  3. The middle section I added a section from the pattern A and then reversed pattern B. I also knitted this in a different colour yarn and love the effect.

So the wrap is missing a few rows but after blocking it did turn into a super long wrap. I am slightly sad it took me this long to knit this but it really is so simple, but looks so impressive!

Question: Have you ever been put off by a complicated looking project only to start it and realise it was simple?


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