Marlisle with Anna Maltz

On Saturday I attended my first knitting class at the lovely yarn shop in Brighton called YAK.


This year seems to be a lot of first in terms of crafting for me as I also attended my first sewing class a few weeks earlier.

I started knitting on a regular basis at the end of 2015 when I started commuting to London for my job. The often delayed or cancelled trains meant I felt that I was often wasting my time. Unless you are on a train it’s hard to do some work on my laptop. A small knitting project can pass the time and you can run with it in your hand to the next train.

In the last year I have tried a few techniques and types of patterns. I’m currently in love with creating textures by using repetitive stitch combinations of knit and purl stitches, by exploring sequence knitting patterns.

I also dipped my toes into colour work  this year, so when this class came up combining the two I had to go!

It was taught by Anna Maltz the author of “Penguin: A Knit collection“.

I attended this class on my own. We were asked to bring 2 contrasting by complementing colours of yarn in ideally non superwash 4 ply yarn.

I chose Quince and co Finch. Mainly out of curiosity and because I couldn’t resist a colourway named Iceland and needed a contrasting colour so chose crow.

The class started at 10am and lasted til 1pm. We covered what Anna coined “Marlisle”. She showcases this technique in her Humboldt jumper pattern. By holding two contrasting yarns together you create a dense fabric in garter stitch and the showcase one yarn or both by creating shapes in knit stitches or even colour work panels.

Anna brought a tonnes of swatches and examples. I now wish I’d taken pictures of them. You can see some using the hashtag marlisle on instagram. I also made a pinterest board.

In the class we each chose an example and made our own little swatch. I completely messed up the suggested colour work but actually came up with a little design now.

But we didn’t just dip into marlisle. We also learned how to steek our swatches that we had just knitted in the round. This was terrifying but I’m now itching to try knitting a cardigan in the round and steeking it!

The beauty of marlisle for me is that you can use different types of yarns or weights of yarn to achieve different fun effects. This just made me want to readjust my stash and knit it all up! I can’t wait to try some fun things such as furry yarn with smooth. Plain yarn with variegated.

I also really want to knit the Humboldt sweater. I loved hearing about Anna’s inspirations and thought processes in her designs. It was so inspiring and i feel like a new knitter.

Yak had all the samples from the book and they are just lovely.

Unfortunately I missed the party afterwards as i was going to London for a concert.

Thanks so much to Anna and YAK, this was just awesome!

Question: Have you ever attended a knitting class?

P.S.: YAK also has a great interview with Anna if you want to know more.

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