My first KAL – the Shockwaves shawl


During the summer I took part in my first knit along or KAL for short. This was an online knit along hosted by hedgehog fibres who designed the free pattern and suggested their skinny singles yarn base for it.

I had discovered their elaborately dyed, bright and speckled yarns a few weeks before and had enough to make the shawl. Some knit alongs that I had been interested in before didn’t seem like I would have enough time to complete them but this one lasted nearly 2 months.


The pattern itself is simple once you get used to it. Unfortunately due to the yarn overs and central decreases, placing stitch markers did not help with memorising it. You literally have to go through the pain of memorising it and starting to read your knitting. If you found a better way let me know.

I did make a mistake that I noticed too far along for my patience to unravel. Now I think it gives it character and I know that this one is mine should anyone happen to make exactly the same thing. 🙂

Apart from that the forum on ravelry was great. We exchanged tips on blocking, weighing yarn and colour choices. It was super nice to be knitting with people, even if only over the internet.


I did change my shawl a tiny bit by using 5 skeins and the two end ones were black madelintosh merino light. This yarn was lovely to knit with. A bit different to the hedgehog fibres skinny singles. Both yarns are quite slippery. I was knitting with the opposite type of yarn on another project so I did nearly drop a few stitches on occasion.


Using wooden needles instead of metal needles helped with the slipperyness, though.

The pattern was full of techniques I hadn’t used before such as a central decrease, i-cord cast on and cast off and I had hardly knitted flat before.

If you see a knit along, give it a go. it can be really fun to exchange notes and support each other in person or online.

I finished the shawl in the summer so here are some finished pics.


Question: Do you take part in KALs? Which as your favourite?




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