Sequence knitting – Cecilia Cowl

In my day job I am surrounded by tech and think about problems that people making software face and how to mitigate these.

I am no programmer, but I love what the programmers come up with and the whole idea of sequences and changing one value and repeating this over and over again to create patterns.

This is basically what sequence knitting is. I recently bought the book by Cecelia Campochiaro and love it. It is such a simple technique but beautifully illustrated in the book and easy to understand.

When the book was first released in 2015 Tom of Holland did an interview with the author which you can read here. I love that Cecelia usually is a science author and this is her first publication outside of the sciences.

The patterns from the book are on Ravelry as well. What I really like is that a simple sequence works well in a solid yarn but has a completely different effect if used with 2, 3 or 4 colours.

If you want to try sequence knitting but don’t want to do any maths just yet, then Loop of London has come to the rescue. They designed a simple cowl, called…what else…Cecelia!

Cecelia Cowl


I tried to make this cowl, with some mods. I am on a yarn buying ban and hence used some chunky instead of super bulky yarn. This meant that I cast on twice the number of stitches and just knitted until I like the height of the cowl.

The yarn is Malabrigo and I love it. It has some great autumnal colouring to it. It was the perfect simple knit to get me through the week.

I think it turned out alright and the yarn blocks nice and softly. The pattern was easy to remember and I love the diagonal lines it creates. Maybe next year I will make it in its suggested yarn as I love the Freia Fibres colour ways.

Question: Have you tried sequence knitting? Have you made your now sequence knitting patterns? 



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